VigR™ — An Introduction

VigR. A holistic approach to vital aging: an idea whose time has come.Today we know that many diseases can be prevented, especially those most often associated with aging. Scientific data indicates that modifiable factors—habits and lifestyle—account for 70 percent of physical decline after the age of 65. Planning for a change in health is smart; planning to forestall one is smarter still. That's where VigR™ comes in.

Embrace Life With VigR

After years of investigation and experience with our members, we concluded that four key factors—vitality, independence, growth and resilience (VigR)—can make the difference between aging and aging well. So we developed a proactive, research-based program to help participants understand and improve these four essential elements. Open to all Friends Life Care members, the VigR program includes an ever-evolving array of interactive opportunities for improving body and mind:

  • VigR Enrichment Workshops: A changing selection of expert-led mini courses on diverse health and lifestyle-related topics
  • VigR Benchmarks: An assessment tool for examining current habits and quality of life and for tracking positive change
  • VigR eMeetinghouse: An online health-information resource and social community

Non-members may also take part in some of our VigR program components on a fee-for-service basis.

For More Information

Contact us for answers to your questions or to schedule a meeting with one of our plan counselors with no cost or obligation.

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